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Image of Legendary
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Legendary is a ton of colors in one skein of yarn. It has everything! Pink, purple, black, orange, yellow and more.

This color is available on any base that I carry in my shop.

Information about bases offered:

AliBash 2 Ply
Sock / Fingering weight 2-ply 100% superwash merino sock yarn with a nice firm twist, there are 400 yards / 100 grams per skein.

Starlight Sparks
Fingering weight yarn made of 75% superwash merino with 20% nylon, and 5% stellina silver toned, non metal fiber, there are 438 yards/100 grams per skein

Barnabé BFL 4Ply
Sock weight yarn 25% nylon/75% superwash Blue Faced Leicester.
there are 464 yards/100 grams per skein

Meadow MCN
MCN High Twist Sock 80% superwash Merino/ 10% Cashmere/ 10% Nylon
there are 400 yards/100 grams per skein

OG Sport
3 ply Merino, Superwash, Sport weight yarn, there are 328 yards/100 grams per skein.

Daisy DK Single
100% superwash merino single ply, there are 240 yards / 100 grams per skein.

Image of Legendary
Image of Legendary